Face Mask Detection Cameras

COVID-19 may not be impacting our lives the same way it had, but it made a significant impact on society and many companies developed products to help with the containment of the virus.

While it may no longer be a requirement to wear things like face masks out in public, many people and different cultures have adopted facemasks as the norm. It is unfortunately also quite likely another event will lead to the mass public having to use them again at some point in the future.

During COVID, HIKVISION launched a new solution designed to identify individuals who are not wearing masks or are wearing them improperly.

HIKVISION’s Solution for Face Mask Detection

HIKVISION’s system can detect such individuals even in crowded places where traditional methods fail. This can be highly effective in mass transit areas or large gathering spaces, where monitoring mask usage is difficult.

How it Works

HIKVISION utilises AI algorithms and face shape detection to detect whether a face mask is being worn. If a violation is identified, an alarm can be triggered. This technology stands out from similar solutions offered by other companies, as it’s designed to be more cheat-resistant.


1. Face Mask Detection with AccuSense Camera

The AccuSense camera employs AI algorithms to identify face masks. Some specific models capable of this detection include:

  • IDS-2CD2686G2-IZSU/SL
  • IDS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL

2. Mask Detection with NVR (Network Video Recorder)

The HIKVISION DeepMind NVR uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze scenes for face mask detection. Some of the available models are:

  • iDS-9616NXI-I8/X(B)
  • iDS-7732NXI-I4/X(B)

3. Mask Detection with Thermal Camera

Beyond temperature scanning, these thermal cameras can also detect face masks. The following models offer this feature:

  • DS-2TD1217B-3/PA
  • DS-2TD1217B-6/PA
  • DS-2TD2617B-3/PA

4. HIKVISION Central Software

Hikvision Central software is an enterprise-grade solution, encompassing all the necessary features to handle security at a corporate level. With HIKVISION Central, businesses can manage all the cameras that provide face mask detection in conjunction.

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