Philips Hue Secure Launches at IFA 2023 Including New Floodlight Camera

Today, at IFA 2023, Philips Hue announced their expansion into the home security market with Philips Hue Secure.

The release features Philips Hue Secure cameras for home surveillance, as well as a floodlight camera that can illuminate large areas in any colour you desire. Also joining the lineup are Philips Hue Secure contact sensors, versatile enough for placement on doors, windows, and more. These sensors keep you updated with real-time alerts for any opening or closing activities. Managing your luminous home security system has become effortless, thanks to the newly launched Security Centre within the Philips Hue app. When motion is detected, the app offers options for triggering light and sound alarms, as well as two-way communication.

Philips Hue Secure Cameras: Features and Specs

The Philips Hue Secure cameras come with sharp 1080p HD video and night vision capabilities, offering real-time monitoring and immediate alerts directly to your device. To deter intruders, the system integrates Philips Hue lights and sound alarms. The two-way talk function allows direct communication, whether you’re instructing a courier or greeting a friend. Security is robust, featuring end-to-end encryption. The on-device processing can distinguish whether the motion is triggered by a human, pet, or package, ensuring uninterrupted encryption.

Indoor and Outdoor Versatility

These cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and come in either battery-powered or wired configurations. They are available in black or white finishes. The wired model features an adaptable desktop stand, allowing flexible placement within your home. Both versions are compatible with outdoor settings, thanks to the Secure camera mount with a ground spike. They integrate seamlessly into Philips Hue’s existing low-voltage outdoor ecosystem.

Availability and Pricing

  • Wired Camera (Black/White): Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 174.99
    • EUR: 199.99
  • Battery Camera (Black/White): Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 219.99
    • EUR: 249.99
  • Camera Mount with Ground Spike: Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 34.99
    • EUR: 39.99
  • Wired Camera with Desktop Stand (Black/White): Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 199.99
    • EUR: 229.99

Philips Hue Secure Floodlight Camera

Designed exclusively for external areas, this floodlight camera combines the best features of the Philips Hue system. It allows you to oversee spaces like gardens, terraces, or driveways. Using the Philips Hue app, you can activate a light alarm that instantly illuminates a large area in your chosen colour.

Availability and Pricing

  • Floodlight Camera (Black): Available Q1 2024
    • UK: GBP 299.99
    • EUR: 349.99
  • Low-Voltage Outdoor Charging Cable: Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 26.99
    • EUR: 29.99
  • Anti-Drop Cable: Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 12.99
    • EUR: 14.99

Philips Hue Secure Contact Sensor

Available in either black or white, these sensors can be placed on doors, windows, cabinets, and more. They send real-time alerts whenever the sensor is engaged or disengaged. For example, your front door sensor could activate the hallway lighting while also sending you a notification.

Availability and Pricing

  • Single Contact Sensor (Black/White): Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 34.99
    • EUR: 39.99
  • Double Contact Sensor (Black/White): Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 59.99
    • EUR: 69.99

Security Centre in the Philips Hue App

The app now includes a dedicated Security Centre for managing your intelligent home protection setup. Upon receiving a notification, a simple tap opens the app to a ‘Take Action’ interface. From here, you can manually trigger a light-flashing alarm, activate your Secure camera’s siren, or even contact local law enforcement.

Subscription Plans

  • Basic Plan with 30-day video history:
    • UK: GBP 3.99 per camera per month or GBP 34.99 per camera per year
    • EUR: EUR 3.99 per camera per month or EUR 39.99 per camera per year
  • Plus Plan with 60-day video history: Available Autumn 2023
    • UK: GBP 8.99 per month or GBP 84.99 per year for multiple cameras
    • EUR: EUR 9.99 per month or EUR 99.99 per year for multiple cameras

Final Thoughts

The Philips Hue Secure range offers a comprehensive solution for home security, blending seamlessly into the existing Philips Hue ecosystem. With a variety of products and features, it’s a robust addition to any smart home setup.

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