IP cctv Camera

At CCTV Builder we believe IP cctv camera  or altrnativly called network cameras have brought us into the future of intelligent security camera’s. We choose latest AI based intelligent  type of IP Camera for our customers. IP Camera are  easy to integrate with network video recorders. Network cameras most of them have PoE connectivity. So, which makes them easy to use with any NVR with built-in PoE switch. Its just piece of cake as how easy it is to build security camera system with security CCTV Camera and nvr. IP security camera are much more easier to manage. Also,  with more resolution quality like 4k camera , it certainly is better than it predecesors. PTZ IP security camera covers the blind spots by patrolling the venue. which makes PTZ IP camera a must have gadget. So network CCTV camera is simply the future and the best choice.

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