IP Cameras Vs Coaxial cameras

When choosing a CCTV surveillance system camera and set up for your business or home needs there comes two choices to select from in broad terms. The two types are CCTV Camera IP Systems and HD Coaxial Security Systems.

Both systems have their capabilities but knowing the difference, only then you can choose the best fit for your needs.

IP CCTV System

Video Quality and Resolution

The IP CCTV System uses ethernet cables for its operations. The beauty of IP CCTV systems is that it uses a single cable for power and data as opposed to Coaxial CCTV systems. The IP CCTV systems provide ultra-resolutions like 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K and Ultra HD video graphics support. You can have a camera from 2MP to 8MP resolution, which offers visual clarity that satisfies most of the needs.

Installations Ease.

For IP CCTV Systems you only need one cable for power, Audio and Video whereas as with Coaxial CCTV Systems you will need cables for power and video. With POE standard switch you can power your camera and send receive Audio and video with the same cable.

Cost Factor

The cost of IP CCTV systems has come down considerably over the years through initial cost is a bit higher than Coaxial CCTV Systems. Though the price is a bit higher for IP CCTV systems, it pays off in the sense that has greater visual clarity and needs less maintenance than the coaxial CCTV Systems.

Integration with the current system

When you buy an IP camera each time that you want it to be part of your current IP CCTV system, you will need prior confirmation as to whether your current NVR supports that model. If you NVR recommend ONVIF, then you can buy ONVIF camera of any brand which will then smoothly work out with your current NVR. Brands like HIKVISION CCTV Systems have third party protocol support which makes it the most popular solution in this overcrowded market.

Video Analytics

With each passing day, new capabilities are introduced in term of video analytics such as face detection, motion detection, License plate recognition, email alert and alarm alert are common for IP CCTV Systems. With IP CCTV Systems, these tools can be used effectively to enhance your security level.

Coaxial CCTV Systems

Video Quality and resolution

The Coaxial CCTV Systems have come along in respect of image quality. With Coaxial CCTV systems you can have a resolution of 720, 1080 and 1520P resolution though it is low on a resolution concerning IP CCTV systems but in term of cost its cheap. If you are okay with that kind of resolution (video quality), then this type of solution is the cheap one to acquire.

Low Cost

With less IT Skill, you can almost deploy your surveillance system all by yourself which brings its cost down as IT professional will be paid for their services. The cost of acquiring overall Coaxial CCTV is almost half of that IP CCTV System.

Easy Installation

Coaxial CCTV Systems are easy to install. Its almost plug and play type of system. There will be no need for setting up IP’s and other network parameters. There are practically no compatibility issues when you replace DVR or cameras.


With IP CCTV Systems, you are always prone to cyber-attacks. IF you have Coaxial CCTV systems, you need not worry about cyber-attacks until you attach your DVR to network.

Whichever type of CCTV surveillance system you opt to choose you are in professional hands we at CCTVbuilder.com provides Professional advice and hardware according to your needs. Let us be your guide and supplier of your professional CCTV surveillance solution. Please contact our expert at support@cctvbuilder.com or call us on 0330 133 0898.