Yuasa NP2.1-12 Batteries

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  • Brand   Yuasa 
  • Reusability    Rechargeable
  • Battery Cell Type     Sealed Lead Acid
  • by Yuasa maintenance-free, rechargeable, sealed lead-acid battery.
  • Battery Capacity:  2.1Ah
  • 12V  NP SLA Battery
  • Five-year design life
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • YUASA 12 V 2.1 A Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery datasheet
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YUASA 12 V 2.1 A Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

YUASA 12 V 2.1 A Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery multipurpose battery 2100 mah sealed lead acid SLA 12-volt dc rechargeable. this product gives Superb recovery from deep discharge. anyone can get Voltage: 6 V, 8V or 12 V due to this product.the main advantage of this product is that, that the product contain Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology with no free acid.

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