Western Digital Storage Hdd Purple 4Tb

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  • 4Tb Western Digital Purple
  • 3.5 Hard Disk Drive
  • SATA Interface
  • Optimised for CCTV & surveillance usage
  • Rated for 24×7 Performance
Western Digital

£196.21 Inc VAT

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Western Digital Storage HDD Purple 4Tb

Western Digital Storage HDD Purple 4Tb. WDP drives are optimized to support up to 64 cameras, giving you flexibility to upgrade or expand your security system. Also, It is specially engineered for high temperature, 24/7 surveillance system. it is also engineered for quality video playback.

Western Digital Storage HDD Purple Data Sheet

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Western Digital

Western Digital

Western Digital The alternative name for HDD's. So, much so that if you say the company name people know immediately it has something to do with Hard Disk Drives. It is an American company that manufactures Data storage solution, Data Centre storage solution and cloud storage solutions. It is one of the leading manufacturer of SSDs and flash memories. The other big names that comes close as competitors are of Seagate Technology and Micron Technology. The company is in the semi conductor production business since the 1970's . It has gone through lows and high and now is the leading brand in Data storage products.

Purple HDD's

The company In February 2014 announced a new "Purple" line of hard disk drives. The HDDs are specially optimized with "AllFrame" Technology to reduce error during consistent writes on HDD. The Purple line are specially recommended  for use in video surveillance systems, with capacities from 1 to 4 TB and higher capacities.

CCTV and Western Digital Purple HDD's and Seagate Skyhawk

At CCTV Builder we provide both Western Digital and Seagate storage Skyhawk HDD's at very competitive rates. The Surveillance optimized HDD's called Purple HDD's are the most sought product for NVR and DVR. Due to low error rates in HDD's its the most successful and best HDD's for Surveillance. Please
Western Digital


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Western Digital  STORAGE HDD Purple 4TB

Western Digital Storage Hdd Purple 4Tb

£196.21 Inc VAT

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