Videx 3102A Intercom

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Technical Details

Material – White ABS plastic
No. Of cores to telephone – 5
Recommended cable type – CW1308
AC buzzer call tone – Yes
Electronic call tone – Yes
Call tone volume setting – Yes
Lock release button – Yes
Dry contact button – Yes
Privacy of speech between handsets – No
Slide mute switch – Yes
Slide mute switch with on/off LED – No

Terminal markings –
1 – Transmit speech
2 – Receive speech
3 – 0Vdc
4 – Electronic call tone
5 – Lock release
6 – AC buzzer call
8 & 9 – Dry contact switch

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Videx Security


Videx 3102A Intercom

The 3102A handset features both ac and electronic call with on/off switch. It is ideal as a spare handset for multiple systems. It could also be used where a local bell as well as the main door call is required. This handset has a plug in replaceable handset cord and can be desk mounted with the addition of a 3038A desk kit. A slide mute switch is also fitted so that the phone can be switched off when the user does not want to be disturbed. Also includes a lock release button and dry contact service button.

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Videx Security

Videx security is a company that specializes in access control security and specially in door entrance security in particular. The company has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing security access control product. Since its inception Videx has been providing world class products that almost lasts for lifetime. Also, the company believes that customer support is the most important factor in any business thus provides customer support to the optimum satisfaction.

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Videx security has long list of security access products that adds to the repute of the company. It manufacture and provide a wide range of door entry systems from audio and video solutions to GSM, concierge, and biometric readers. Moreover, each Product distinct features for specialized type of security situation. So, Videx provides wide range of access control products to choose from and customer tailor your security yourself.

Videx Customer Support

Videx believes in strong quality of product but also does its best when it comes to customer support. The support may include installation, expansion of existing security access infrastructure. The company is here to help.

Videx Trainings

Videx provides trainings to impart the necessary knowledge. So, the trainings includes Installation of security products, Installation of security products, and its troubleshooting.  The training is designed in such a way that the whole ecosystem works to the best of its potentials and harmony for the best results.
Videx Security


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