Videotec Hpv42K2A000 Housing Ext Verso Hsng 12Vdc

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    Verso Polycarbonate external camera housing with heater 12Vdc/24Vac excl bracket and psu
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Videotec is a surveillance producing products company that has been in existence since 1986. Furthermore, It has been designing and manufacturing camera for civil and industrial applications. With its headquarter in Italy it distributes its products in well over 100 countries.

Videotec Portfolio

The company PTZ and fixed cameras are deigned and manufacture for high-performance. So, they are made from the best quality and very robust materials. the products are being tested to withstand continuous usage in the most harsh conditions, with no to littlie need for maintenance.

Videotec surveillance gadget for specialized environment

The explosion-proof Full HD camera MAXIMUS MMX is perfect for video surveillance and control of processes in hazardous environments. The company specialize to produce product for extreme environments  where the atmosphere is potentially Hazard and explosive. Environments like where presence of inflammable gases or dust, typical of the Oil & Gas, marine or industrial and manufacturing .

CCTV Builder

We at CCTV builder strive to bring you the best of the products all under one platform. So, Videotec is no exception in the products portfolio. Moreover, Videotec is well known for camera that can operate in extreme condition and stands in explosive environments as well. Please feel free to reach us at [email protected] for any query that you may have.


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