Texecom Premier Elite Ricochet 1-W Wireless External Sounder (GBP-0001) Sirens

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  • Premier Elite Odyssey 1 wireless External Sounder backplate
  • Ricochet Mesh Technology 868Mhz
  • 105dB(A)Piezo Sounder
  • High Brightness LED Strobe and selectable comfort LED’s
  • IP65 sealed electronics
  • 2 to 5 Year Battery Life
  • 2 Year Warranty
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£106.15 Inc VAT

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Texecom Premier Elite Ricochet 1-W Wireless External Sounder (GBP-0001) Sirens

Texecom GBP-0001 Wireless External-Sounder is ideal for flats,offices and provides installers much wider freedom of positioning than wired alternatives. These are available as backplates only, with covers available separately. Premier Elite Odyssey covers are interchangeable between wired and wireless versions, allowing the same company screen print to be used across a range of applications.

Also note that it is only compatible with Premier Elite Panel Firmware version 2.11 and above. Texecom 32XP-W and 8XP-W Expanders V2.0 and above.





Texecom is one of the largest security products and intruder protection product independent company. It is Having security gadgets for both personal and property uses. Also, it has External and internal security product of vast variety stands tall in the security products domain. Also, the company is well known for Texecom alarm kits. It has wide range of security products that encompasses products such as 1 1 Texecom Premier Elite
  • 2 Texecom Connect
  • 3 Texecom Premier
  • 4 Texecom Cloud
  • 5 Texecom Premier Elite Wireless
  • 6 Texecom Bell Box
  • 7 Texecom Alarm Panel
  • 8 Texecom Pir
  • 9 Texecom Alarm System
  • 10 Texecom Wireless Keypad
  • 11 Texecom Wireless
  • 12 Texecom Veritas 8
  • 13 Texecom Hybrid
  • 14 Texecom Wintex
  • 15 Texecom Cel-0001
  • 16 Texecom Connect App
  • 17 Texecom Odyssey 3
  • 18 Texecom Elite
  • 19 Texecom Kit
  • 20 Texecom Odyssey X3
  • 21 Texecom Burglar Alarm
  • Texecom alarm kits
Texecom is a UK based company and it strive for top of the standard product that delivers reliability. Moreover, company products completely comply with European standards. Also, so much so that it also satisfies international standards. Texecom is Halma sister company. Halma makes hazard detections and life protection products. and it is leader in safety, specialist electronics and environmental protection products.

Texecom Ricochet Mesh Technology

Ricochet is Texecom proprietary technology that lets Texecom devices to repeat the signal of similar brand devices. The ricochet technology enables us to expand our network. With Ricochet expand  as far as we can add more Texecom wireless devise to the network. Thus, Ricochet Mesh technology gives us freedom of expanding wireless network to the remotest of the places. This bring ease and more robustness and fail-safe networked devices network. Also, with this technology no more the wireless signals are limited to only point to point communications.


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Battery Life

2 to 5 Years


2 Years



Product Code


Powered by

8x 1.5v AA Lithium batteries (Included)


Ricochet Mesh Technology


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Texecom GBP-0001 Sirens

Texecom Premier Elite Ricochet 1-W Wireless External Sounder (GBP-0001) Sirens

£106.15 Inc VAT

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