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Optex is sensing innovation company that builds photo sensor and other IOT sensor for better monitoring. It specialize in sensing technologies. The company provides you with all the hardware sensors variation from indoor to outdoor security based on threat levels. By integrating company IP detectors the camera functionality abilities increase several folds dramatically. The sensors by the company increase the effectiveness of motion sensor with the camer and software help.

Optix Door products

With automatic door products makes door safer and make it more responsive to human interaction.

Optex IOT

The company specializes in IOT sensors. It has large portfolio of sensor such as object detection sensor, Water quality control, Temperature control and operation status. Some of the products of the company are given as
  • Photo beams
  • PIR sensors
  • SIP-3020-IP box network IP detector

Environmental Sensors Access control sensors

The company specializes in environmental sensors as well oxygen checker, SS Checker. The access control system is unique in the way that get rid of tailgating which is major flaw in traditional access control systems. The example os such systems are as Accurance 3D which is anti tailgate and anti piggyback sensor system. The system utilizes time of flight technology , for high security two door interlock.


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