BPT DMVC/01 intercom

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BPT DMVC/01 intercom

  • Make: BPT
  • Model code: DMVC/01
  • Type of Kit/ System: Audio Only
  • Panel Type (separate): Audio Panel
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BPT DMVC/01 intercom

Applying many of the winning features of the Thangram series, Bpt now extends its range of entry panels with the addition of audio and colour video entry modules for the X1 and XIP systems. This device is extremely flexible in terms of installation, since personalized non-Bpt metal front plates can be used to select the panel that meets the exact requirements of the user.
Colour video with excellent image quality by day or night, thanks to an optimized lighting system
Acoustic and visual status signalling
Connector for connection of the first four buttons (cable supplied as standard)
Possibility of cascade connection of up to 8
VZS/308C call expansion modules
Microphone with remote-control option
Connector for general matrix keyboard for access control

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Bpt is part of CAME group of compnies called CAME Bpt. The company has been producing wide range of products for residential and industrial entrances, car parks and access control systems. Moreover, the company intially established in 1972 has grown into leading bussiness. So, CAME Bpt provides provide product globally in  automation - intruder alarms - home automation. The Company have solution Starting from simple gate automation to achieve an advanced, global automation goals. CAME  consist of the fallowing companies CAME Cancelli Automatici, BPT and Urbaco which are part of the group. Also, The company is internationally known for video intercom, temperature control and security systems. Also in 1989 the company was the first to fully automatic Pay-on-Foot equipment which was instant success.

CAME Portfolio

The company is well known for its CAME intercom. And the most renowned of the lineup of the company intercom is bpt ip360. So, This ip360 system is always connected to the internet. Via the CAME Cloud service, it makes possibilities to remotely provide the user with a number of advanced features and enables installers to monitor installed systems, intervening quickly and safely when necessary.

CCTV Builder

CCTV Builder providestop class renowned brands products to its customer. We have wide variety of top brands access control and intrusion protection products on our portfolio from which you can choose your choice. Please feel free to drop in query at [email protected]


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