Bell System BS1-C Video Door Entry

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Bell System BS1-C Video Door Entry


  • System generally connected with standard CAT5 cables
  • No need for separate co-axial cable
  • The video telephone operates in an innovative electronic mode whereby the supply voltage is ‘stepped up’ from the controller to achieve optimum operation over long distances.
  • A standard installation can accommodate distances of up to 300 metres from the panel to telephone when using recommended cable specifications.
  • High resolution CCD camera with infrared lamps for night vision
  • Optional Tradesmen entry
  • One model of bellissimo video telephone whether connected to a conventional or digital panel
  • Easy connection to a bellcall digital front door panel

Bell System BS1-C Data sheet

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Bell Systems


Bell System BS1-C Video Door Entry

Bell Systems BS1 – The bellissimo video door entry system is a versatile security product for controlling access to residential homes, blocks of flats and commercial premises. The video telephone allows the resident to view a caller at the entrance, speak with them and control their access.

  • 1 Station
  • Includes:
  • Bellissimo video telephones (BS)
  • Telephone controller (One for every 4 telephones) – BSC4
  • Front door panel (BSP)
  • Relevant BSD panel controller
  • CCD colour camera with infrared lamps (CAMBS-C)
  • Speech unit (61)
  • 12v DC power supplies (PS4)

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Bell Systems

Bell systems is one of the top door access and control access manufacturing company. And, It was established 45 years ago and has vast experience in the security domain. So, The company got its 9001 ISO certification 2002 and since producing quality controlled products. The manufacturing plant is situated at Milton Keynes. Initially in 1971 it was only distribution and installer company and 1979 it turned to manufacturing of door access product.


The company has decent products portfolio. And The portfolio consist of Telephone systems, Panels, door entry systems, Proximity and coded Access systems, Emergency call systems and other components and accessories. So, The most notable products of the company are bell door entry and bell 801 handset , bell intercom.  Also, BSX Issolating Exchange systems and DAX Digital isolating systems exchange are mad for large public places. So, They are designed to overcome a common security problems experienced in local authority and public housing.  where often door entry systems are being subject to vandalism from visitors and tenants.

CCTV Builder and Bell Systems

At CCTV  builder we strive to provide best quality security systems. So, In this case it is a British leading door access systems company and we have it portfolio on our website. Also, The most sought system 801 can be fund on our website. Please let us know if you have any query at [email protected]
Bell Systems


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