• Visonic PowerG 0-102719 Keypads

    •  Touch screen panel with icons enables easy and intuitive operation
    •  Sleek design; wall-mounted or desktop
    • Ideal for arming/disarming, initiating emergency, fire and panic alarms, controlling PGM outputs and reviewing system status
    • Provides user with feedback on commands
    • Easy use by Keypad, proximity tags or RFID cards
    • Partition support
    • Provides audible and visual entry/exit warnings
    • Extended range – eliminates the need for repeaters
    • Available in black or white
    • Superb value for price
    • Alarm system panel can be installed in hidden location hard to find by intruders
    • Compatible with PowerMaster control panels family
    • 2 Year Warranty
  • Honeywell Galaxy CP045-00 Touch screen

    • Touchscreen Keypad with Live Camera View
    • Intuitive Galax security and access system management
    • View live video streaming from IP cameras via Wi-Fi/cable connection
    • Aesthetic design with flush or wall mount options
    • Enhanced touchscreen operations (with
      icons and menu driven prompts)
    •  Live camera view built-in
    •  System status overview
    • Security screen screen graphics (set/unset
      multiple areas or groups)
    •  Optional proximity operation for easier
      system management
    •  Easy to add, delete or edit user codes and
    •  Event log display
    • Advanced zone settings (status, edit and
      view list, etc)
    • MP4 video & audio player with advertisement/photo frame option
    • Output control enabling automation of building & home systems
    • Honeywell Galaxy CP045-00 Touch screen data sheet

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