• Commodity S202

    • Actuator Type:
      Actuator Marking:
      Contact Position Indication:
      Degree of Protection:
      Electrical Endurance (Nelec):
      Mechanical Endurance (Nendu):
      Terminal Type:
      Screw Terminal Type:
      Connecting Capacity:
      Tightening Torques:
      Recommended Screw Driver:
      Mounting on DIN Rail:
      Mounting Position:
      Maximum Operating Voltage
      Connecting Capacity UL/CSA:
      Tightening TorquesUL/CSA:
      Interrupting Rating acc. to UL1077:
      Ambient Air Temperature:
      Reference Temperature for Tripping
      Resistance to Shock acc. to IEC
      Resistance to Vibrations acc. to IEC
      Environmental Conditions:
      RoHS Status:
      Declaration of Conformity – CE:
      Environmental Information:
      RoHS Information:
      ETIM 4.0:
      ETIM 5.0:
      Object Classification Code:
      Insulation group II, black, sealable
      I / O
      ON / OFF
      IP40 in enclosure with cover
      20000 cycle
      20000 cycle
      Screw Terminals
      Failsafe Bi-directional Cylinder-lift Terminal
      Busbar 10 / 10 mm²
      Rigid 0.75…25 mm²
      Stranded 0.75…25 mm²
      Flexible 0.75…16 mm²
      Flexible with Ferrule 0.75…16 mm²
    • commodity-s202 data sheet

    Commodity S202

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  • Honeywell Galaxy SC118 Accessories

    • 4mm Spacer for SC112
    • Fitted to enable the SC112 to slide over key hole lip
    • Supplied with mounting screws
    • Spacer allows mounting of SC112 key hole protection kit in the event of a collar being placed around the key hole

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