• Genie Readers


    • OSDP (Open supervised device protocol)
    • IP65 rating
    • CPNI approval
    • 2.8” touchscreen LCD
    • Customisable background and screensaver graphic
    • Multi factor authentications (Finger only, card, pin, finger, template on card)
    • Touch keypad
    • On board card reader 13.56MHz
    • Black and white models available
    • PoE supported models available
    • Patented live & fake finger detection (Optical sensor and algorithm detects fake fingerprints: Paper, Film, Silicone, Ribber and Gelatin)

    Genie Readers

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  • Cdvi Readers Solarpb


    • Reads CDVI and most popular 26-bitsWiegand card encoding.
    • High performance read range.
    • Innovative design.
    • Illuminated card reader (Blue, green and red).
    • Audible and visual feedback.
    • PCB sealed in epoxy.
    • Polycarbonate.
    • Easy to mount.
    • Colours: Black (SOLARPB) or white (SOLARPW)
    • 90 (L) x 130 (H) x 28 (D) mm

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