Hikvision Nvr

Hikvision IP NVR For IP Cameras

Hikvision offers a wide range of NVR devices that can work with third-party network cameras as well. Hikvision Nvr (network video recorder) uses the network for input rather than a direct connection. Hikvision 4K NVR is capable of recording videos in a digital format. The NVR device can stores the recorded video to a USB flash drive, disk drive or any other storage device.

We have Wide variety in NVR domain  may it be Hikvision, Dahua Nvr, Honeywell Nvr, yes you have dropped in into the right place.

CCTV Builder offers a warranty on every surveillance appliance. Our customer gets a Quick Start Guide and User manual with the product. We recommend you to read them for easy installation and maintenance.

Check out this model of hikvision ip nvr that can store up to 1TB video data.

CCTV builder also provides a wide range of security cameras including 4K cameras, Bullet Cameras, Turret Cameras, PTZ Camera.

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