PTZ IP Cameras

PTZ Camera is no wonder the jewel of the IP security system. With hikvision ptz cameras we have freedom of 360 angle view of our venue at any time. So, ptz camera covers the blind spot which cannot be covered by fixed ip camera. These pan tilt zoom camera are the work horse of any network security system. ptz ip camera can easily be integrated to the current system through POE switch or NVR.

ptz cctv camera

So, With latest Facial recognition, ANPR automatic number plate reader, intrusion protection, line crossing facilities makes PTZ CCTV a true defender.

Back early in the days PTZ CCTV was considered the most premium network security camera. Now thanks to the CCTV builder competitive rates its never been that cheap, even you can have one at your home.

Pan tilt zoom  patrolling can be set though pre-sets. First you need to define pre-set and then add the pre-set to patrolling. With Patrolling you can automate much of your surveillance with the help of pre-sets.

dual lens camera

The dual lens camera is the latest innovation in pan tilt zoom camera. The dual lens camera give you view in two different perspective. in one screen you can see the zoomed video which is streamed from one of the lens. The other lens lets you have eye on the whole scene.

At CCTV Builders we provide wide variety of camera. Latest cctv camera are being offered at very competitive rates. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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