wireless CCTV

wireless CCTV and Wireless gadgets are definatly a peace of mind when deploying the solution. The Wireless CCTV is quick to deploy and is of less hassle involved. So, even so none technical person can handle the installation. If you can manage that most of your gadgets are in line of sight of each other. then wireless CCTV solution is the way to go.

Texecom Ricochet

Texecom Ricochet is Texecom own proprietary wireless infrastructure.  Even you can call it the Texecom Wireless Mesh. The Wireless mesh or the Texecom Ricochet is very useful solution. With This you can extend Texecom Mesh network with each device addition. With Texecom Ricochet you are not bound to only point to point communication. But rather every talks to every other device. In case of failure through one device. The communication is rerouted through another device making the network robust and fail safe.

CCTV Builder : one stop CCTV Solutions

Here at CCTV Builder we provide all the bells and whistles you can think of. All that are necessary to make your CCTV solution. At competitive prices we provide the ultimate solution that satisfy your needs almost in every aspect. IF you need any help please talk to our Sales person at [email protected]

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