Texecom Veritas or PIR Sensor

Texecom Veritas or PIR Sensor are type of sensor that detect motion in the open or the surrounding to detect breach of security. PIR sensor when see motion inform controller of the change if motion is per policy defined in controller its normal. However if the motion is not per policy alarm is raised.

Detection Sensors

Texecom Veritas includes series of veritas series security access gadgets. The Veritas series offers much easier installation and more programmable zones to customer for much better operations. Texecom Alarm series  is one of the best alarm system to servile open spaces.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are used to detect motion in spaces for rogue and prohibited movement. These sensor can feed the alarm control system about any movement in the field and thus set off an alarm.

Shock and Vibration Sensors

Shock and Vibration Sensors are the sensors that detect rogue or unwanted movement in places by detecting vibrations or shocks. Vibration sensors set off alarm when vibrations are detected.

Smoke Sensors and temperature sensors

Smoke sensors are the sensor that detects smoke an send off alarm to the controller of fire break out.

At CCTV Builder we provide all kind of sensors. You can protect your space by deploying the sensor that matches your needs. Let us know at [email protected] if you have any query.

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