Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection Systems or IDS is a device or set of devices working together to detect intrusion into any venue or violation of security policy.

Normally IDS or Intrusion detection and protection system consist suite of sensors and collectors system or controller to check security violations. So, sensors could be motion detectors, pressure mates, Vibration detectors.

Intrusion Detection System Top Brands

We have range of IDS that comprises on multi vendors Gadgets. Also, We have brands like Pyronix and Texecom.  Both Pyronix and Texecom provides world class IDS systems. The protection is further strengthened by strong encryption so that it is not hackable. No wonder these are the leading brands in Intrusion protection Gadgets.

House Alarm

House Alarm or be it your office , we provide top notch world class House Alarm. Our House Alarm is specially is specially optimized for Houses security. With best suits of sensors and control panel makes the whole system. Our expert can guide you to choose from Texecom and Pyronix to make the best House Alarm system for you.

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