Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are the best means of protecting your home. The Home Security Camera will always give you head start on any event for which the camera is configured. Thus you can halt the event in its offings. Latest Statistics show that almost 30% of burglars enter the home or attempt to enter the home through unlocked doors or windows. So configuring your camera to have special configuration for those entrances and windows when someone intrude and raise alarm is crucial. Security camera intended for home use these days comes with motion detection, line crossing detection and so on can detect intruder.

WE at CCTV buil;der have vast variety of Home security cameras to choose from.We have all sorts from PTZ Camera, Bullet Camera, Dome Camera, Fish Eye camera , PanuVU camera, Dual PTZ Camera and so on for differnet purposes. Furthermore, WE have cameras in resolution from 720P to 4K resolution based on your requirement you can choose from. WE have all the latest H.265 camera which supports dual stream and consumes less bandwidth and storage thus saving big. The PanoVU camera can see in colours in the night, just like camera see in days a big latest improvement which you must consider when buying camera.

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