• 2N 9151101KW

    • Built for extreme conditions
    •  Professional night vision
    •  Clear sound in noisy environments
    • Durable access control solution
    • Wide-angle HD camera
    • Easy integration into CCTV and VMS
    • 2N 9151101KW data sheet
    £1,079.22 Inc VAT £1,068.43 Inc VAT

    2N 9151101KW

    £1,079.22 Inc VAT £1,068.43 Inc VAT Add to cart
  • 2N 9151101W intercom

    2N 9151101W intercom


    • IP connected Door Intercom
    • Robust construction and high protection rating for outdoor & high impact / risk applications
    • 1 Button / 1 Name Label
    • Upgraded 10W integrated Loudspeaker
    • SIP communication protocol
    • Integrates within a LAN, WAN, Web Ethernet network system
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) (or 12v power supply)
    • Integrated web server for configuration
    • iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet support
    • Web Interface Administration / Control of all 2N Helios IP devices from one location
    • Stylish, discreet design; robust materials and construction
    • IP65 protection rating for weatherproof conditions
    • Hermetically sealed buttons
    • Backlit buttons with bright white LEDs (brightness adjustable)
    • Electronic volume level control

    2N 9151101W intercom Data sheet

    £1,020.36 Inc VAT £1,010.16 Inc VAT

    2N 9151101W intercom

    £1,020.36 Inc VAT £1,010.16 Inc VAT Add to cart

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