• Videx GSM4K-2S Intercom

    Videx GSM4K-2S Intercom

    Key Features Include:
    • 4000 series modules in a new 316 grade stainless steel matt finish.
    • All modules are compatible with the 4000 series surface and flush
    back box range and 4000 series rainshields.
    • RS485 connectivity.
    • Network up to 8 devices (GSM PRO module, 4903 and 4850R) via
    the RS485 bus connections.
    • Program the additional features using Videx’s new GSM mobile app,
    text messages or by the GSMSK PC software.
    • Program the primary number and 3 divert numbers in a single text.
    • Program multiple dial to open numbers (5 numbers max.) in a single
    • Program up to 400 permanent access codes.
    • Program up to 32 temporary access codes (between 1 and 255 hrs)
    after which time will automatically be deleted.
    • Program up to 10 access control timebands for the dial to open
    numbers, access codes and proximity fobs/cards.
    • Program up to 10 free access timebands.
    • Assign up to 10 access levels for the dial to open numbers, access
    codes and proximity fobs/cards.

    Videx GSM4K-2S Intercom Data sheet

  • Videx GSM4K-1S intercom


    • 1 button up to 12 button kits available (surface or flush)
    • Expandable up to 50 call buttons
    • 4 telephone numbers per call button (1 primary and 3 diverts)
    • 1000 dial to open numbers (which can each be assigned to an access level)
    • 1000 user integrated proximity access
    • 1 programmable call button timeband
    • Up to 10 programmable access control timebands
    • Up to 10 programmable free access timebands
    • Up to 10 programmable access levels
    • DDA compliant voice annunciation and call progress LED’s
    • Programming by SMS, GSMSK PC software or the new Videx smartphone SMS wizard App.
    • Push to exit input and dry contact relay (C, NO and NC)
    • 2 auxiliary inputs and 2 auxiliary outputs
    • Micro USB connection (for ease of programming using the GSMSK software)
    • RS485 bus connection (for networking with the Art.4903 keypad and/or Art.4850R off board proximity reader or for ease of programming using the GSMSK software)

    Videx GSM4K-1S intercom Data sheet

  • Videx GSMSK Software

    Videx GSMSK Software


    • Program call button numbers including divert numbers
    • Program dial to open numbers
    • Adjust time settings such as call time, relay time, auxiliary times and modes
    • Adjust general settings including speech volumes
    • Program user fob/card numbers
    • Program access codes (when 4903 keypad networked with GSM PRO, 4810 module)
    • View logged events
    • Design a custom logo for digital panel display
    • Program access control timebands and access levels
    • Program free access timebands
    • Update GSM module firmware with use of bootloader

    Videx GSMSK Software Data sheet

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