4k Camera

4k Camera also called UHD (3840 × 2160) is the most high resolution security camera that is found out there. Security camera like UHD CCTV camera surly has better result. It capture a lot of details and is vivid and crisp in details. When UHD video is zoomed in it does not rupture video. Also, it hold a lot of information compared to earlier low resolution camera’s. IF you are concerned about quality surveillance camera then 4K IP Camera is a must have.

UHD (3840 × 2160)

Security Camera like 8MP CCTV Camera can easily be integrated into the current IP security system through POE NVR or POE switch.  To record the camera video UHD NVR support is must be taken to account.

UHD the alternative term used for high definition resolution camera are the latest in market available right now. Personally i will prefer UHD Camera and nvr for my surveillance security system.

8MP camera are considered to be of  3840 × 2160 ( UHD) resolution.

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