Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Pet Tolerant PIR Detector KX10DP-WE

Pyronix Enforcer-Wireless Pet-Tolerant-PIR-Detector KX10DP-WE is Secure two-way wireless. It is ideal detector for homes with pets. It have easy installation and arm/disarm options. Also it have Signal Strength Indicator (SSI) which allow the installer to view the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time. Moreover, It have 10m Pet Immune detector and support Blue Wave Technology which enhances the detector’s immunity to infra-red noise in the environment.

Enforcer-Wireless Pet-Tolerant-PIR-Detector KX10DP-WE User Manual

Enforcer-Wireless Pet-Tolerant-PIR-Detector KX10DP-WE Data Sheet

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Pyronix Enforcer Wireless 12m Digital Quad PIR Detector KX12DQ-WE

Pyronix Enforcer-Wireless-12m Digital-Quad-PIR-Detector KX12DQ-WE is blue wave technology. Which allows to clearly identify the positive and negative signal edges and the Powerful software embedded into a microprocessor is used to process the received information from the pyro-electric sensor. Pyronix Enforcer Wireless 12m Digital Quad PIR Detector is the ideal choice for many homes and businesses alike. It combines the excellent performance of the digital quad technology with the benefits of a wireless product.

Enforcer-Wireless-12m Digital-Quad-PIR-Detector KX12DQ-WE User Manual

Enforcer-Wireless-12m Digital-Quad-PIR-Detector KX12DQ-WE Data Sheet

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Pyronix Enforcer CO-WE CO1 Carbon monoxide detector

Pyronix Enforcer CO-WE-CO1 Carbon-monoxide-detector is a two-way wireless peripheral compatible with the Enforcer security system which gives you unparalleled flexibility when it comes to your hybrid installations. It uses an electrochemical sensing unit to measure the amount of carbon monoxide present in the area. Moreover, It also provides you with a wide range of security and safety sensors for every wireless application.

CO-WE CO1 Carbon monoxide detector User Manual

CO-WE CO1 Carbon monoxide detector Data Sheet

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Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Control Panel (ENF32UK-WE)

Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Control-Panel(ENF32UK-WE) is easy to program and install. It have quicker installation with Signal Strength Indicators. Also, it Including safety and security sensors and detectors, the Enforcer range has the products to cover the job. Moreover, the one-push-to-learn feature in all Enforcer wireless devices means that learning devices onto the system can be done in seconds. Its two way protocol ensures that the communications between all wireless system components protects with a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 bit Pyronix advanced encryption.

Wireless Control-Panel(ENF32UK-WE) Data Sheet

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Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Dual Technology Pet Tolerant PIR Detector KX10DTP3-WE

Pyronix Enforcer-Wireless-Dual-Technology-Pet Tolerant-PIR-Detector KX10DTP3-WE comes complete with two way wireless technology this detector is the ideal choice if you have dogs or cats. It is Less mess, less fuss, simply excellent performance with two way wireless technology. Also it have highly secure 868MHz Transceiver FM technology and longer battery life with instant two way device control (ITDC).

Wireless-Dual-Technology-Pet Tolerant-PIR-Detector KX10DTP3-WE Data Sheet

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Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit (RKP/KIT2-UK)

Pyronix Enforcer Wireless-Intruder-Alarm Kit(RKP/KIT2-UK) is an ideal for small to medium wireless alarm systems. Where a remote keypad is required and a bell box is not required. It is integrated WiFi module for Internet access and it have 2 years long battery life. It also have huge range of sensors and detectors. Moreover, this alarm system can be expanded with a wide range of sensors and detectors for physical and environmental detection.

Intruder Alarm Kit (RKP/KIT2-UK) User Manual

Intruder Alarm Kit (RKP/KIT2-UK) Data Sheet

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Pyronix Enforcer KX12DT-WE Wireless Dualtech PIR

Pyronix Enforcer KX12DT-WE-Wireless Dualtech-PIR is 12m Two-way wireless dual technology which Depends on the environment condition, the detector will automatically adjust the sensitivity. It is very Simple to install with the One-Push-To-Learn feature. Since, it is wireless, there is no need to run wires into walls or pull up carpets meaning there’s less mess and inconvenience. Moreover, it have the ability to view the wireless transmission signal strength on both the control panel and wireless devices in real time.

KX12DT-WE Wireless Dualtech PIR User Manual

KX12DT-WE Wireless Dualtech PIR Data Sheet

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Pyronix EURO ENF/KIT2 Euro Hybrid Kit

Pyronix EURO ENF/KIT2 Euro-Hybrid-Kit Connect the EURO 46 V10 or EURO 280 with Enforcer two-way wireless peripherals. It is One-Push-to-Learn and Reduce risk of false alarms. Also, It Offering the option for two wireless external sounders. Moreover, it includes three DT detectors and one magnetic door contact and Compatible with wireless keyfobs and keypads.

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Pyronix MC1/SHOCK-WE Combined MC1 and Shock Sensor

Pyronix(MC1/SHOCK-WE) Combined-MC1 and Shock-Sensor is specifically designed to be placed in positions where it is necessary for a shock sensor alone or shock sensor and magnetic contact to be present, such as walls, ceilings, door and window frames; two sensors in one. Each wireless device on the Enforcer system, including movement detectors is a transmitter and a receiver. It have Magnetic contact, Shock sensor, front and rear Tamper protection, Tamper input, Signal Strength Indicators (SSI) and Pyronix high security two way wireless data encryption protocol (TDE).

MC1/SHOCK-WE Combined-MC1 and Shock-Sensor User Manual

MC1/SHOCK-WE Combined-MC1 and Shock-Sensor Data Sheet

Pyronix BATT-RKP1 Batteries Replacement Battery for Pyronix Enforcer LEDRKP-1WE Wireless Keypad

Pyronix BATT-RKP1-Batteries-Replacement-for Pyronix-Enforcer-LEDRKP-1WEP Wireless-Keypad is 3 volt, 4700mA lithium battery is used in the Pyronix Enforcer wireless Arming Station LED-RKP1. BATT-RKP1 Battery for Enforcer wireless keypad, The Pyronix Lithium Battery is an extremely energy dense battery. It offers long lasting operation, making it particularly suitable for use in intruder alarm keypads.

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