Pyronix is a leading manufacturing company of electronic security equipment that is meant for home, industrial and commercial application use. The company was established in UK in 1986 now a subsidiary of Hikvision.

Well The company has in-house R&D that design wired and wireless security solution for intruder detection and protection system. Over the 30-year experience history So, the company have won numerous awards for top products. Off late it have also had successful products in the home automation and video technology domain. Also, the PyronixCloud and HomeControl+ apps are the example of the shift of the company into more and more technological enabled security systems.

Also the firm deals in a lot of technological security systems. It earlier started with world smallest PIR sensor of its time and quickly went into the bigger domain of security systems to establish firm. So, since then the company has emerged as the world player in providing best the class security systems solutions. Some of the systems that the company produces and are top notch products are given as

  • 1 Pyronix Cloud
  • 2 Pyronix Enforcer
  • 3 Pyronix Enforcer Kit
  • 5 Pyronix Kit
  • 6 Pyronix Enforcer V10
  • 7 Pyronix Wireless Alarm
  • 8 Pyronix Deltabell
  • 9 Pyronix Bell Box
  • 10 Pyronix Hikvision

The company believes in its valuable customers satisfaction and therefore provides the  best in class customer support to its customers.


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