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Popp & Co has for 90 years pioneered products for the home. Intially the company was established in 1930. Now the company is pioneering in Z-Wave products for the smart home. The company is part of  Aeotec Group.

Z-Wave products deliver valuable smart lighting. Also, it provide improved safety and security, comfortable heating and climate control. Furthermore, it provide you with energy saving at an affordable price. Z-Wave products from Popp & Co. are focussed on filling gaps in the market and helping our partners and users alike realise their vision of a smart home.

Z-Wave features a whole set and subset of technologies. The  subsets includes Security 2 / S2, Z-Wave Plus, and SmartStart.

Product Portofolio

The company as we know is part of Aoetec group which is big name in smart home industry. So, the company has long list of smart home z-wave smart devices. Some of the devices are Popp gateway, Popp outdoor plug, popp smart cmaera and so on.

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