Haydon Corporation

Haydon Corp is the leading manufacturer of Metal framing. The company has A variety of exclusively designed and patented rooftop support solutions. Furthermore, Solution like for building rooftops equipped with HVAC units, conduit, gas or steam lines, solar racking,  ductwork and seismic applications mounted on roofs. The company has over 63 years of experience in strut metal framing solutions. Furthermore, The company is located in New Jersey, California and Texas, United States.

Haydon Product Portfolio

Haydon is majorly known for strut metal framing solution. The products consist of valves & fittings, ductwork, gas or steam lines, flexible series of metal channels and fittings designed to support HVAC units, pipes,  and many other mechanical applications. Also, The Struts are made for Electrical, Mechanical, Data Centres applications.

WE at CCTV builder provides different shapes and applications strut so that you do not have problems in installations of complex system. So,  We have vast variety of Metal framing struts and for al kinds of application. Please let us know if you have any query at [email protected]

Haydon Strut

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