Detectortesters is a company that produces testing and detections kits for number of purposes. The Most notable detector and testers are made for Fire Alarm systems. Detectortesters was established in 1965. The company specializes in devices that are used for testing. The company is considered to be one of the market leader, designing solutions that make for fast, simple and effective testing of fire detectors.

Detectortesters operates in more than 130 countries world wide. Furthermore, The company customers are comprised of specialist distributors and commercial property owners , Fire maintenance companies.

The company produces different type of testers for number of systems such as Smoke detector testers, Heat detector testers, multi-sensor detector testers. Also, The company has over 4o years experience in producing tester for number of detectors compliance check.

Make sure your detectors are in compliance with standards and are working in intended ways and manners, With Detectortesters we make sure your standards compliance is taken care of.

CCTV Builder

CCTV Builder brings you Detectortesters testers for detectors so that your standard compliance is in check. It is very necessary to check your fire security alarm systems and other detectors for the sake of its operation readiness when needed. WE at CCTV builder brings you the latest testers kits. Buy testers kits with CCTV Builder.


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