Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen,  The company was established in Stuttgart in 1886. The company produces house hold appliances, Mobility,  and industrial products. And the company had revenues of 77 billion Euro sales in 2019 and is working in well over 60 countries and having 440 subsidiaries. So, the company can be considered as consortium of too many companies. Major stakes is owned by Bosch’s family.

Portfolio and Innovations

in 2012. With nearly 90,000 active patents and patent applications. So, the company truly reflects what innovation is going on within the consortium. Well he company is consortium and has very divers portfolio from bosch tassimo ,bosch home and many more.

In the product spectrum Bosch Plena Matrix is the audio system that is well known ,PRAESENSA the IP connected public address and voice alarm system. Furthermore Plena VAS , PLENA Easy Line are also well known public address systems. However, there are complete range of house hold and other technologies product made by the company but here its about technology strcitly.

CCTV Builder and Bosch

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