Aeotec Limited

Aeotec Limited was Established in Silicon Valley, USA in 2006. The company is part of Aeotec Group which has more than 100 years of experience. Initially the company in 1930 produced home electronics technologies. Over time the group business evolved. The company specializes in home automation. Also, in intelligent automation of electronics through sensor and data driven decision making.

The company portfolio of products is deeply woven around Home automation and IOT (Internet of Things). Furthermore, Initially the company made devices  as OEM for other companies later on started its own product line up. The company produces 700 z-wave series products. Also, The company was first to bring Gen5 devices to market that uses 500 series z-wave products. Range Extender 7 and Recessed Door Sensor 7 are the first Gen7 devices. It is the first company to certify a gateway and server which makes full use of Z-Wave Plus V2 and 700 series technologies, SmartStart, and S2 Security. AutoPilot is the software that completely automates the automation with intelligence packed features.

Products Portfolio

The company portfolio consist of  Z-Stick Gen5+, Autopilot software, Range Extender 7 and Recessed Door Sensor 7. zw116, dsc11, smart switch, relay and many more. We at CCTV Builder brings you the latest automation kits and products right to your doorsteps. So, Buy with CCTV Builder and enjoy the luxury of automation. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any query.


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