Advanced Electronics

Advanced Electronic Company or AEC in short is an Elctronic company. The company has emerged as leader in the field of modern electronics, manufacturing capabilities, and repair and maintenance services. And With delivery of almost 100% completion rate of projects, the company specialization spans to defense, energy, ICT, and security services.

Over its history the comapny has evolved and diversified its production portfolio. So, The company started with Aviation, Electronic Warfare, Command & Control Systems production in 1988. Furthermore, In 1995 it added key ICT services such as technical platform, telecom solutions and system integration,data centers. Also,  In 2005 the company added smart technologies through development of smart grids, smart meters, and renewable energy solutions and more. Furthermore, Advanced Electronic Physical Security Solutions combine a range of technologies, systems, and infrastructure to bring you an impenetrable network around security premises and physical systems and premises.

Company protfolio

The company portfolio consist of Security Command & Control, Security Access Control, Perimeter and Facility Security, Security Video Analysis and Surveillance, Security Safety Systems and many more.

Advenced Electronics and CCTV Builder

CCTV Builder maintains Advanced Electronics Access control sceurity portfolio. So that the custoemr can choose from theirs best brands that they are used to. Please feel free to drop ay kind of query at [email protected]

Advanced Electronics

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