Why use PTZ Cameras over standard form cameras for your surveillance needs

When we select the Security Surveillance CCTV system, we often forget to add PTZ camera. For a small area, it is fine not to add PTZ but for more significant areas it always best to choose at least one or more PTZ camera. Standard cameras tend to be fixed in a small area so there is still a chance of uncovered area. Another thing is that in some incidence that you want to be recorded or seen cannot always be in sight of your fixed camera. PTZ camera helps in those situations it frequently patrols on the pattern that you have set and can be readjusted in the time of need to a specific location to pick event and zoom in on it to have precise details of the happening. PTZ camera helps in covering blind spot and as per needs runtime adjustment in your CCTV surveillance system.

A PTZ camera gives you an almost 360-degree view and zoom in facility it quietly matches up to 4 to 6 camera job. PTZ covers more significant swaths thus helping you to cover more area with lesser cameras and with no compromise on quality by using its zooming capability which in turn reduce the overall cost of covering such type of the significant regions.

PTZ Patrolling

In normal mode, PTZ is set to patrolling which you can set in the software that comes with the camera. Patrolling lets, you define areas of your choice and automatic zoom in and out pattern which will automate the camera to patrol the area that you set along with zoom in and zoom out. Thus, patrolling set the autopilot mode of the camera as if someone as controlling the camera for you. PTZ camera is best controlled with a joystick that can be bought separately with which you can manage the operations of the PTZ camera. Commonly PTZ camera is installed at heights so that it can cover a large area of view. There are three choices with PTZ camera mounting which areas


With wall mount, you lose almost 50% area coverage.

Ceiling mounted.

Ceiling mount gives you the full view and 360 rotation but again with ceiling mount they are at lower heights to cover a large area which means that you cannot necessarily cover large areas.

Pole mounted.

Pole mount is mounting your PTZ on pole in open to cover more extensive areas and is the best use case for using PTZ camera.

With an NVR and remote viewing app, you can access your Network PTZ camera from anywhere thus giving you to watch the whole event from one camera rather than switching over from camera to camera to view the entire event from different perspective or angle or locations.

True PTZ preference over ePTZ

The true PTZ gives you about 360 angle view, and you can change the scene by rotating camera whereas ePTZ is digital zoom for fixed camera. The ePTZ digital zoom will give you 3x zoom which will reduce the quality to 720p of the same meaning you are zooming in on the fixed view that this camera has.so true PTZ is having many advantages over eptz if you prefer PTZ camera. ePTZ cannot be a substitute for right PTZ camera.


In a nutshell for medium to the broad environment must include PTZ camera in their inventory of camera to pay off for uncovered areas. We at cctvbuilder.com provides top of the line PTZ camera at a very competitive prices. For further help email us at [email protected] or call us at 0330 133 0898.

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