Access Control System security

In today’s world, businesses and organisation have many headaches in maintaining its privacy, strict documentation access and property access requires human resource to maintain, and that also is prone to errors and deceit. To make things better for less money and human support, you need to have access control in place to grant per person basis access to facility, documentations or property. The access control will make sure that proper inspections over facility, documentation access can be exercised without any hassle and thorough audit can be performed.

Access control will control the access of employee or people to your facility also the access will be accounted for and can be audited when needed. The access control system makes sure that any unauthorised can be quelled before it even happens thus making your business safe and controlled. In case of any unauthorized access, an alarm can be raised by the system informing of an intruder.

How It works

The access control system works in the way that a person can be assigned access to specific areas and based on schedule, you can control access to your belonging, facility. An administrator manages the Access control system by assigning user areas which he could access and the timing in which he can access. The administrator is responsible for granting access within the access control system.

The access control system provides security in such a way that the authorised person is granted access where an unauthorized person can be barred from the area at the same time by allowing access to authorised persons. The access control system makes sure that your infrastructure is accessed insecure way.

Before embarking on to buy Access control system, make sure that the system has the following feature so that it can be the peace of mind.

Safety Measures.

The access control must have an Alarm system to inform about intrusion. Also, the system must incorporate lockdown facility in case of misuse.


The access control normally comes built-in with reporting procedure in it but one must make sure that it has one built-in in its software. The reporting facility will give you a detailed audit report of whom and when an area or facility is being accessed giving you vital insight about your facility access pattern and intrusion if any.


The access control system must have an administration portal with it through which the administrator can set access privileges based upon your needs. It also provides logs of access to the administrator. Here the administrator can add people to grant access according to the control list.

Types of access.

There come three types of access with an Access control system. You can figure out which one will be better for you by studying it.

Code access.

There is the number of ways a user can access facility either through Password, PIN, Access Code or OTP which is only shared with the concerned user by the administrator. This way of access is the easiest one, but end-user can always share the information with other thus making it less secure.

Biometric Access

This type of access control system is the most secure as the biometric markers are unique to the specific user and cannot be shared, thus making it most secure. The biometric marker could be the thumb, retina scan or face scan.

 Card Access

With card access, the user has a magnetic card readable by the system when close by defined by the sensitivity of the card reader. Well, the card can be lost and used by unauthorized person thus making the biometric access the only actual hard to crack security solution.

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