How to deploy a POE camera without a POE Switch


If you are on a budget and cannot afford a POE switch or for any other reason that you do not want to buy POE switch for your POE cameras or you have one camera and still want to deploy it. This article will highlight how to overcome this. We will be exploring the idea of how to work out without POE switch. Welcome on board for the tweak. Here we will be taking care of this tweak in this article. For this tweak to happen first you need to understand how network cables send data and power over Ethernet cable then we will dive into the working stuff.

Ethernet IEEE standard working.

As per IEEE standard all the Cat5, Cat6 and Cat 7 use four pair of cables. Out of those four pair of cables, two pair are used for data and the remaining two pair is free. The first two pairs which are used for data one pair is for sending and one pair is used for receiving denoted as TX and RX, TX meaning sending and RX means receive. The layout of the cable is shown in the pic given below.

Deploying POE camera without a POE Switch

It works in such a manner that no 1 and 2 cables of one connector transmit is connected to another connector 3 and 6 number position of the connector and vice versa. Now the remaining two pair can be used as power over ethernet. For POE devices, there are two standards .af and .at. The explanation is best understood by looking at the pic given below and the power capacities.


For this tweak to happen, you must have cat5e or up to standard cable to work.

The Tweak

Most of the POE devices comes with adapter supply in the box and if you have power supply adapter read further as you are in for the show. Now what we will do is to connect the power adopter supply on one end with the network cable. What you need to do is cut off the power adopter connector on the device end and make a pair out of the power cable. The second thing that you need do is before making connector take out blue and white blue at number 4,5 position also take out brown and brown white at position 7 and 8 cables.

Now join blue and blue-white together and do the same with brown and brown white now you have one pair cable. Connect this one pair cable of data cable with power supply pair. Punch the connector with cable at position 1,2,3 and 6 as shown in the above picture. What you need to do is now connect the power supply adopter to power and insert rj45 to NIC (network adopter). Pic is given below to understand the tweak better. The other side connector is made with the same colour coding as shown in the picture on the left side. That’s it you are done. This type of POE is called passive POE.

This type of tweak comes very handy when you have one camera, and you do not want to buy POE switch for it.

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