How to access your NVR on a web browser.

One of the most basic needs arise after installing your CCTV Surveillance system is to how to access it over the internet when you are on the move. Most probably, you will want to have your hand on the pulse of your business, or you are concerned about your property. There are two ways to access your NVR video feeds number one over browser and the other one is with dedicated software HIK-connect for your mobile on play store and apple store. Here we will be looking at accessing your NVR on the internet with a web browser.

Accessing NVR on your web browser

For this method to implement, I assume that you know about port forwarding or at least you can access your router and follow the instructions to achieve it. In this scenario, I will be looking at the BT router. This method works best if you have a permanent public IP address assigned to you by “British Telecom / your ISP” if not please call the customer support and ask for permanent public static IP address.

  1. Check the IP on the back of your internet modem or router.
  2. You will also find the username and password on the back of your router or Modem.
  3. Now fire up browser enter the IP and on login page enter username and password.
  4. Now on BT router go to advance settings -> Firewall settings -> Port Forwarding.
  5. Now if your NVR has got IP through DHCP from your BT router, it will be shown in select device.
  6. From select device, please select the IP of NVR that is being served by BT DHCP to your NVR.
  7. Under assign rule name please enter “NVR-Web-Access” for reference purpose.
  8. Before going further, please verify the HTTP port on your NVR under network settings select basic settings now on the right pane select ports where you will find the HTTP port. You can find detail your BT router setting on
  9. Now revert to BT port forwarding settings and in start end port under “External Port” enter port 80 which is the default value depending upon your NVR settings.
  10. Now under “internal Port” in both start and end enter the same port.
  11. Now from protocol, select both TCP/UDP from drop-down list and click the plus sign to add the rule.
  12. Now click save so that settings take effect.
  13. Now go to your BT router advance setting -> static IP -> select configurations you will see your public IP address now copy this IP address in order to access your NVR over the web through a browser.
  14. Now connect to some external network for internet access on your device to access your NVR on a web browser.
  15. Fire up your browser write your copied IP address for example, the 80 after the colon is your port that you set in port forwarding rule. Now press enter and you will have access to your NVR on web browser over the internet.

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