Why choose Hikvision as your complete CCTV Solution.

Whenever a company, business or individual buy a surveillance solution the primary goal should be as to whether the product’s vendor has a full blown solution for CCTV environment keeping in mind futuristic integration of new products, interoperability and seamless operations. The second thought should be easy manageability and the cost to maintain it.

If you have the above two points on your mind and want a solution for it, then welcome to the world of HIKVISION CCTV solution. In this article, we will be exploring how HIKVISION satisfies the two most worrisome points on your mind.

HIKVISION as bang for Buck.

The first noteworthy point of Hikvision is that it gives you a professional CCTV solution for a very minimum amount that you can ever think of. Compared to other CCTV solution brands, it very cheap at the same time gives you up-and-coming professional CCTV solution. HIKVISION has posted total operating revenue of RMB 23.92 billion in 2019 and YOY(Year on year growth) of 21.4% which says a lot about its global domination as a CCTV solution. This growth points to a satisfied customer and a very robust portfolio of products. The above news for HIKVISION growth can be verified at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hikvision-announces-half-year-financial-results-january—june-2019-300890030.html

End-To-End HIKVISION CCTV Solution.

 HIKVISION a vast variety of products for different needs which you can custom tailor according to your needs. I will shed light on a few of them here.

HIKISION DEEPMIND Artificial Intelligence integrated CCTV solution.

These days there is much fuss going on regarding Artificial intelligence because of its added value and benefits that come with it. HIKVISION has integrated AI into its camera’s and NVR so that NVR can learn and recognise people and filter out false alarms by pinpoint precision identification with 90% accuracy. The introductory embedded deep mind AI NVR is  iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S NVR. This NVR can complement the existing old house CCTV solution for AI intelligence.

Network Storage solution.

HIKVISION has healthy SAS storage products to support enterprise-scale CCTV solution video recording. 

Thermal Camera for ultra-high-risk night-time surveillance.

Of lately, Hikvision has introduced thermal camera’s portfolio for ultra-high-risk night-time surveillance. The standard infrared camera’s has view for short-range in the night time so for a big area, and it becomes very risky to monitor high-value assets because of reduced visibility at night time. Still, HIKISION has your back with their Thermal camera as it detects the heat of any heat-releasing target such as human and vehicles and can alert you in the dense darkness of the moving targets where the typical infrared camera won’t rescue you.

Thermal camera’s can be found at  https://cctvbuilder.com/product/hikvision-ds-2td2117-6-v1/ .

NVR Integrated access control.

HIKISION has impressive portfolio of integrated access control to grant secure access to your facilities as per your wish. The integrated access control has proximity sensor cards for easy access and encrypted communication so that its temper proof. You can easily integrate access control with your current HIKVISION NVR’s.

HIKVISION also has Facial recognition terminal which employs’s deep learning facial recognition algorithms.

HIKVISON access control products can be found at https://cctvbuilder.com/product-category/access-control/

Network Keyboards for large environments.

To monitor dense CCTV infrastructure network keyboards comes to rescue to switch between camera’s and its tracking, which is not possible with standard software’s. Network keyboard can be found at https://cctvbuilder.com/product/hikvision-ds-1200ki-network-keyboard/ .

Network Power over Ethernet switches.

To operate a dense standalone environment, the network infrastructure is the most basic need so HIKVISON provides its portfolio of power over ethernet network switches. Switches can be found at https://cctvbuilder.com/product-category/accessories/poe-switches/ .

Video Encoder and decoders.

 HIKVISION has a vast portfolio of encoders and decoders for all your video conversions. . Encoders and decoder can be found at https://cctvbuilder.com/product/hikvision-ds-6708huhi-k-8-channel-5mp-h-265-turbo-encoder/

HIKCENTRAL and IVMS softwares.

HIKVISION has a very robust high-value software for managing the end-to-end CCTV solution. HIKCENTRAL is software that manages a very complex large-scale CCTV environment combining video surveillance with access control. It has a powerful desktop, web and mobile clients which can be used to add functions and services from collaborative partners, which is essential to providing custom-tailored solution to specific projects. 

Apart from HIKCENTRAL, there is IVMS desktop solution software and on mobile, there is hik-connect software to monitor your surveillance infrastructure from your mobile device remotely. HIKCENTRAL can be found at https://us.hikvision.com/en/products/software/hikcentral-management-software .

Sum Up: Hikvision as End-to-end solution.

To conclude HIKVISION CCTV solution is an end-to-end solution that will never let you down both in functionality and in price tag.