Using ONVIF as inter-operable and cross platform Surveillance solution.

ONVIF as interoperable and cross platform Surveillance solution.

Most of the times people have existing CCTV surveillance solution and they  want to upgrade existing solution by using mix of  old and new cameras and NVR/DVR. It is pretty daunting task to select simple solution let alone using mix of solution. Most of my customer’s queries come to me regarding that how hybrid solution will work out with HIKVISION solution. It gets technical in making such solution and choosing the right components. Thanks to HIKVISION foreseen view of the future. HIKVISION follows some standards like ONVIF and third party protocol support to make hybrid solution as smooth as butter slicing .Today topic is how to make HIKVISION NVR/DVR and HIKVISION Camera to work with third party surveillance solution through ONVIF protocol. With ONVIF Protocol you can make a home run with hybrid CCTV Surveillance solution.

ONVIF the key to Hybrid CCTV solution

What is ONVIF.

ONVIF is open standard Protocol used by industry so that different vendors devices can talk to each other within the CCTV environment. ONVIF has several profiles defined so before you decide to buy ONVIF supported devices make sure that both devices implements same standard profile of ONVIF Protocol. At the moment ONVIF only support H .264 codec.  Further information can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ONVIF .

ONVIF Device Manager

ONVIF Device Manager is open source software where you can add and manage your ONVIF camera no matter what brand they may be as long as it supports ONVIF Protocol and configured properly. ONVIF device manager is just like any other Network Video client software .ONVIF Device Manager can be downloaded from https://sourceforge.net/projects/onvifdm/ .

How to setup HIKVISION camera for ONVIF Support.

  1. First of all log in to your camera.
  2. Go To Configuration.
  3. In the right pane select system settings beneath system check firmware version if it is 5.5 x versions it will support ONVIF otherwise upgrade to 5.5.x or it won’t work.
  4. Now go to security under system settings and under Authentication select digest basic from RTSP authentication. Also set web authentication to Digest basic.
  5. under network settings select advance settings and on the left pane select integration tab. Now enable HIKVISION-CGI, select digest basic from HIKVISION-CGI Digest drop down menu.
  6. Enable ONVIF in the integration menu.
  7. Now add ONVIF user as administrator for full control in integration tab.
  8. That’s pretty much it to the camera settings for ONVIF protocol support now you can either add your camera to ONVIF Device manager software or ONVIF supporting third party NVR/DVR.

How to Add ONVIF camera to HIKVISION NVR/DVR

  1. Login to your HIKVISION NVR.
  2. Go to menu and select camera.
  3. Under IP camera tab the ONVIF camera will be showing not connected.
  4. Now select the camera and click edit.
  5. Camera setting will pop up now from protocol menu select ONVIF protocol and select the appropriate port. Click ok to finish up the settings.
  6. Wait for few seconds the camera will show up as connected.

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